Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breaking the silence

Runner-up for the SI Swimsuit Cover

Now the secrets out. You know what I've been up to. Personally, I think it was a pretty tough call. Oh, what a mood I'm in.... It's the February ailment I experience almost every year. Last year we headed down to North Carolina about this time and what a therapeutic treatment it was for my ailing spirits. T-shirts and playing in the park - it was great. Don't take me wrong. I love winter and snow. It is the in-between that sends my spirits nose diving.

Joking aside - that is not what I've been up to. I on the other hand have been just attempting to keep up with all the things moms do. No big races, no extravagant trips, no huge accomplishments, not even a great buy on a year's supply of toilet paper. But, maybe it is in the eye of the beholder .... Because, while just surviving and maintaining is not big in your eyes it could be pretty significant in my 2 and 8 yr. old's eyes when the flip side of maintaining is no fresh laundry in their drawers no home cooked meals and in our case no school. So, while my spirits drift a little this time of year it only takes a sweet note from my "Calm" or an "I love you much" from my "Wild" or surprise flowers from my hubby and it makes my heart smile and combats these cabin fever blues head on. Oh, and the other element that is sure to put an end to my gray days of Winter is a weekend getaway to a remote location with my handsome man. There are benefits to having your birthday and Valentine's Day side by side.

If any of you are like me and need a bit of sunshine -- here's what I have to offer.

God sees the storm from the other side

He knows the lessons learned and just beyond the clouds He sees clear skies

He speaks peace to the raging storm, when peace could not be found

He already sees the rainbow when we see only clouds

words from He Already Sees written by Dianne Wilkinson and Joseph Smith

Now that has to brighten your day! It did mine. Hope all is well and you take joy in all the blessing around you.