Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back flash

I wanted to share some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Several weekends ago Lauryn and I volunteered at a hospital event - Teddy Bear Clinic. It was very fun for both of us. She did so well. I was proud of my little pharmacist tech. The goal - acclimate the child to going to the doctor. The child would bring the pt. (teddy bear) to the doctor and go through the steps just as they would do at their Dr.'s So, after being assessed and the diagnosis made they would come to us - the pharmacy to fill the scipt. The diagnosis - "Bubblitis". The cure - a bottle of bubbles. The instructions - "Blow bubbles with your Teddy one time a day". It was great and you should have seen the looks on some of those kids faces. It was a nice day for Lauryn and mom. Look who brought "Bear" to see us. I hope Bear is much better, Madeline. Thank you for stopping by.

We were happy to have Wayne's cousin, Jason, and his family (minus Jess :o( ) stay with us during I.H.C. One evening we had a most of the family over for snacks and fellowship. That included Steve and Linda who also came in for the convention. It was an enjoyable time. We look forward to seeing Jason and Joanna again this summer Lord willing. Although, Jason, I think Lauryn will bolt the door if you don't have Jessica with you this time :o) It was nice having you with us. Y'all come back now - ya hear!

Puppies up date - and Uncle Lowell "dem r puppies". Is that how that goes??

Wayne doing what he does to destress. I wonder if he would get the same effect from anything but a John Deere? We've mowed two times - Oh, glorious Spring.

And just so I'm not leaving you hanging from my last post - I guess my several bad days have turned into a week, but I'm hanging in there and thankful for God's faithfulness and goodness. Tomorrow is a brand new day. At this point I'd really like to wake up without a headache. I've never been one to suffer from migraines, but I guess I now know first hand what that is all about. Any ideas especially alternatives to medicine I would gladly take right now. I really do hate medication, but I guess I would never say never.

I'm sending a smile your way and hope you see the blessings in your day in a brand new way.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You know, life is just full of hair-pin curves, detours and sometimes drop off cliffs. The sun is shinning - you are basking in the warmth and seemingly out of nowhere it starts to rain, hail and earthquake. What was steady and sure underneath is now rattled. At first you remain motionless - surprise and shock turning into reality. Gingerly you start to move - toward the "rocks, the unmovable" - attempting to gain steadiness. Disappointment gives way to disappointment and just when you don't know where your next step or grasp will be - you feel a familiar place - It was there hidden beneath the "rocks". I now come in full contact with a surface so strong, so sure that I fall against It bearing all my weight - unaccustomed to the strength and shiftless foundation. I regain my bearings - I can focus - I can pray for that is all that is left. The total dependency on the Foundation leads to fervent prayer and sweet relief as you feel the doubt and uncertainty give way to trust. This renewed rest in the Foundation gives me assurance that my life is in His hands and He holds tomorrow.
The last several days have been somewhat rough - I know you can probably relate. I'm hoping this will remind you from where our strength comes! I recently read the words of Jim Cymbala - "I discovered an astonishing truth: God is attracted to weakness. He can't resist those who humbly and honestly admit how desperately they need him."
Is that why I have felt the shifting beneath my feet? Was I basking in the sun too comfortable to really depend on God, leaning too hard on my rocks? For anyone out there that may be in the same boat - God is in control. He still reigns. Let's pray for God's strength, grace and wisdom during difficult times.
(I want to add - I thank God for the "rocks" in my life. I don't feel they have forsaken me and I hope they know I haven't forsaken them, I only need to draw from God's infinite store of grace and strength.)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's finished!

We had a moment of - "now what?" Saturday when we walked away from the farmhouse. It is in move-in condition and our tenant was doing just that. Wow! I can't believe it's done. We have more work to do later, but we're done "living there" for now. My man has put so many hours into this place. I have know idea what has kept him going - of course it might of had something to do with his very supportive wife and work crew :o) A picture is worth a thousand words. So, I'll let the pictures talk.

In the beginning....

And when she slept - we worked....

Working on school work...

Do you know how many times I painted that?? I have no idea - I have put it very far from my mind, but I still have KILZ on my body to prove I did it.

Ta daaaaa! I tried to match them up to the before pictures. Sorry about the glare.

The end !

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's green!!!

I looked out the window the other day and almost stopped my "Calm's" heart at my over-excited exclamation - Look the grass is green! I truly was ecstatic. I can't wait for all the green and spring blooms. She replied with something like - Yes, I see.... it's green.?? On the other hand my "Wild" would share in my excitement even though she may be totally oblivious to the reason.

The puppies are growing so fast. The girls love them.

Easter pics. This is just the perfect look for my wild - cowboy boots on Easter. I looked and looked for brown dress shoes.... I like the boots.