Monday, July 21, 2008


Working for the night is coming...

This is the field that goes with the farmhouse that was our winter project -- remember that one? Soon after we bought it we planted it in wheat (yeah, like I had so much to do with it) - that was last November. And, now you're seeing the fruits of the field. Mark and Wayne (with Sherri's help) were combining the wheat in these pics. Beautiful amber waves of grain. The straw left behind was baled over the next couple of days and it is there I missed the best picture. It seems we have a family (or two) of snakes living in that field. When the straw was made into bales some of them got baled, too. Wayne was standing on a very high wagon loaded with straw when he was tossed one such bale. He looked down to see a snake looped, squirming to get out. The tail and head were both stuck in the firmly packed straw. Having nowhere to go - Wayne grabbed that writhing snake and flung it. I can't imagine... my brave, tough hubby - who absolutely hates snakes. Someone - who probably should go into hiding placed one of the days kill in Wayne's truck. I think he's still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder! Just kidding - but I would have liked to seen that.

Lauryn learning to mow. Doing a fine job. Do we need a traffic light??

Monday, July 7, 2008

The latest

Working back from the latest - I'll try and catch you up with what we've been up to.

Today is a pretty special day in the lives of Wayne, his parents and siblings. It is the day that his mom was born and then on the same day thirty years later delivered twin girls - yes, on her birthday! And what a present that was after having four boys! I think that is one cool story, but made for one tired mama. I know the boys were a big help, but wow - I just can't even imagine...

But that isn't the end of the story... One of those boys (his wife, actually) gave birth to a baby girl on July 7th. So, now my mom-in-law has a granddaughter that shares her birthday too. What a day! Happy Birthday - Connie, Beth, Amy and Breanna!

Bre and Brookie (riding shotgun)

We, also, had another treat today - met some good friends at Friendly's! Yummy! and enjoyed the fellowship, too.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. It is one of my favorite Holidays. I love America and what our founding fathers stood for. We are One Nation under God. I am thankful for the people who more than self their country loved and gave all that I may live in this land of the free and home of the brave. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless America!

We enjoyed the day up at some Lavys. Thanks for the invite LJL! It was great. And you don't ever have to worry about me saying that word again... unless that certain offspring of yours does that certain thing again...I'll try to watch it :o)
Yep, she's the one! I think...

Grandpa showing Brookie how to play. I think she's tellin' him that this might be the best way.

"I'll just sit here and throw them in."

Good placement - Brook!

What a site! Some of our first cutting headed off on a wagon. Thought that was one good looking truck! Cut, baled - no rain - thank the Lord! And sold to the man in the cool, tough truck its an 8, its a 9 its a 10 I know!... excuse the John Michael Montgomery coming out in me.

Wayne was baling hay and we were at church camp. What a good camp. Was so nice to see fellow bloggers. The speakers, singers, and children's workers were among our favorites! It always goes so fast. I came away challenged and encouraged.

Steve came home on leave a couple of weeks ago. We crammed so much in that week - had lots of fun. We miss you so much. Next time its for good. Can't wait.

So that brings me back to my last post - the triathlon. OK - the odds - one of us was going against Dr.'s advice related to Strep throat. The other had just been through some physical issues that had interfered with training. And then the bike... The bike I usually ride - my husband's mountain bike. Well, it came up with a tire ailment that made it impossible to ride and I didn't have the time or patience to look into it. So, I was planning on riding my mountain bike - not good on so many levels, but had put the need (want) in God's hands - timidly asking Him to work it out - please?! There were people that had offered their bikes in the past for me to use, but I didn't want to ask. After all I'm supposed to have my new bike by now - we're just having trouble getting connected. I was leaving it in God's hands and asking him if it were to be someone would just offer. Christin and I talked towards the end of the week and she asked if there was any bike news and when I told her no she assured me she was still praying for that offer to come through. Needless to say I was pretty doubtful and just planned on reaping the consequences of my ill-preparedness. It was late Friday night - the evening before the race - we were at my aunt and uncle's house. Conversation drifted to the race and out of nowhere my uncle said "I have a bike - you are welcome to use. It's a pretty nice bike and I never ride it". It turned out being much nicer than what I had and got the job done! I couldn't believe it. I know most people can't imagine - but I guess I don't expect you to understand. What I've learned is that I expect God to have the same response as most people, but you know what - He doesn't. He loves me with a love that surpasses understanding. He gets me - completely. I don't have to explain, justify or make up excuses. He doesn't give me what I deserve, but blesses me with a little reminder of his endless love for His creation - me. Thank you, God and thank you Uncle Paul. God is good.