Thursday, January 29, 2009

Come on go with me to get Lauryn from school. I'll show you our snow. I've got a great truck that loves snow as much as I do. Here we go onto our road.

Next road - more snow.

There's a neighbor blowing snow off his drive. Guess that's one way to do it.

More snow. Better slow down for the stop sign.

This guy thinks I am crazy - I may be crazy. Looked like a good picture.

A cornfield. Nice red barn.

Hey, uncovered road!

Love this bank barn.

Gotta love these guys. Although, I'm pretty sure he's plowing the side ditch....

I like barns. We have lots of barns around here. Have I ever told you when we built our house I was actually more excited about the barn then the house. I know - as I've already mentioned - I am crazy, but that is just the way it is.

Oh, look what it is another barn. The cows are either in the freezer or maybe in the barn...

Cute little snow-covered house. We're getting close....

They're going the same place as us...

Looks like the interstate is clear.

We're here!

Sitting in the care line. Look at that guy raking icicles.

Pooh! Hey, we've started moving. She should be out soon!

There she is!

Back home!

Thank you my trusty stead!

Hope you all enjoyed your ride. My husband is going to kill me. Nice knowing you all. I really did slow down and it was just a matter of pointing in the general direction....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pics from Christmas week

Giving hugs along with a JD hat for Christmas.

Grammy and her big girl

She looks like a NRA poster child!

Christmas spirit in living flesh. My aunt June loves Christmas.

Love this picture of these two. She may look just like me, but she's her daddy made over!

If you see these two together - run and I mean run the other way. What one doesn't think of the other will. And these two would be me and Steve made over. What fun they have

Another one that loves Christmas!

I'm dreaming tonight of a ....... would love to know.
She is my sweet baby.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hey, you want to get under the Mistletoe?? Waaaaayne??

Why not? 18 years and we can still get under the Mistletoe!

Little smooch....

Big smooch! L-O-V-E, Babe!


Happy 18 years together!

This year will mark the year that I will have been married longer than I was not. Now that is a little thought provoking....

This year was a little tough. Someone said you'd have them every now and then. Glad I have you to go through the tough times. Thank you for your never dying love. You're the best. I love you. Now let's dance. I know this is not your music, but I love this song and just one dance, pleeeeease.


Happy New Year!

Thank you Kent and Krista for a great New Year's Eve. We had a great time. Oh and almost forgot....

As promised..... Had a good laugh as K&K perform a Challenge during the game Would You Rather. That was pretty funny. Thanks again!