Monday, October 22, 2007

A Great Thought for a Monday

I was sitting at my piano (I think this is where some of my best devotions take place) and came across this ~

The cross that He gave may be heavy, But it ne'er out-weighs His grace;

The storm that I feared may surround me, But it ne'er excludes His face.

The cross is not greater than His grace, The storm cannot

hide His blessed face; I am satisfied to know

that with Jesus here below, I can conquer every foe.

Coming out of a very busy work week and non-stop weekend I needed these words. Some days circumstances, people, obligations are heavy on our shoulders. It is such a relief to know His grace is greater.

Wish I had time for more but I've got a ton of stuff to catch up on. I hope you have a great Monday.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

John Deere Green

A group of men were standing outside of the church house one lovely Sunday morning when one commented to my husband - Oooh, I like your belt. Were did you get it? He replied with - "the only place I shop, Tractor Supply". And that is not far from the truth. I just love my Wrangler wearin' , TSC-shoppin', Hoochie Mama man! So, I got home from work tonight and found that my man went shoppin'. There's nothin' like John Deere Green. We're from the country and we like it like that :o)

Our neighbors had their Fall Party last night and we were invited. We enjoyed some great Bluegrass music from Rum River Blend, a hay ride, and bon fire. We're from the country and we like it like that. We had a good time.

I have a new hat. I found it in my truck. I like it, but if the rightful owner comes forth I will give it back..... maybe. Does it look familiar to anyone? I'll bring it to the camp out tomorrow night. Hey! Did you notice my new shirt??

That's all for now folks~

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Getaway

What a great weekend! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful, close friends. And can you believe 24 of us spent the weekend together in a big house in Gatlinburg?! The house is still standing and I believe the friendships stronger. I drove away from the "big house" thinking - wow! - that was so great - to have such friends that make you proud of the way you believe and live, to know that they are traveling the same path and reaching for the same goal.

My favorite part was the feeling I have just being with good friends - hiking, biking, eating, gaming, horseback riding, devotions and laughing. I loved it all. God gave us a beautiful, safe weekend. He blessed us with protection and returned us safely home to our children. Thank you grandparents for taking such good care of the kiddos. You all are the best. Thank you, my friends, for a memorable time. May God bless us all, keep us strong and shall we always be undefeated examples of grace.

Now can we pause a moment to have devotions? Yes, devotions. Take just a minute if you haven't already. I need to unburden my soul. Lest someone think I'm neglecting my duty I need to share my devotional. We - my husband and I - were assigned Sunday. The couples left at different times of the day and were not in the same place at the same time - unlike the other days. So, for our friends that missed it Sunday morning (and anyone else that is interested ) here is the second session. And by the way - Janella and Michele your devotions are worth repeating. You blessed me by your reminders of the promises of God. Post them.

Two thoughts kept pounding in my head. #1 The power of my friends. #2 The power of choice. So, not being able to get away from either thought I wanted to share them both and hope they come out in some organized fashion.

I want to let you know the fellowship we share means so much. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have friends that are taking the same road as I. This is where I feel at home. I want to fellowship with you, I want my kids growing up being friends with your kids. I want to pray for you. I want you to pray for me. I have confidence in you. I realize that not everyone has this blessing of so many close friends and I just want you to know I am so thankful. I know I have a responsibility to you and I don't want to fail you in this area.

Romans 15:1,5

We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus.

We are to lift one another up. When one is weak or has a burden - lift a hand and a prayer. It is humanly easy to find fault with each other. To think and presume the worst is what often happens. "Oh, she didn't even speak to me!" "Did you see that look she gave me?" We girls are so often to blame for such thought - it is just the woman thing to do. Which leads me to thought #2 - The power of choice. We can choose to think the best of each other. What if that look is one of burden and hurt?? Think good - the best of others. Bear the infirmities of the weak. The God of patience..... We have the power of choice. We can choose to be a blessing to each other or we can choose to hurt and tear apart. The choice we make will take us closer to our destination. Where are we going? We can choose which way to go. The paths are very different with the end results as drastic. One choice can make such a difference. This is so true in our every day life with our spouses as well as our friends. I will leave you with some words by one of my favorite writers - Debi Pearl. This thought changed my life. I hope you are in a place where it can have the same effect on you. I have proven that you can choose to be happy. Debi is writing about her 35 yr. successful marriage.

Our delight in each other did not happen because he is the perfect man, or because he "loves me as Christ loves the church," of because he is "sensitive to all my needs." It didn't happen because he takes the trash out, or cleans up after himself, or has always made a good living, providing me with all the things most women take for granted. It didn't happen because he is a strong spiritual leader and always does the right thing. It happened and continues to happen because of the choices I make every day. I never have a chip on my shoulder, no matter how offended I have a right to be -- and I do have reasons to be offended regularly. Every day, I remember to view myself as the woman God gave this man. Live with thanksgiving, forgiveness, and joy, and enjoy all moments as if they were your last. Someday, soon enough, they will be.

Choose to be a good friend. Choose to be happy!

Love, wl.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Chaplain, Naughty Nurse and a Monte Carlo

Chapter 2

Wow! At this rate I will never finish this book. OK -- This is going to be the condensed version. Stick with me and I'll go fast. I'm the nurse. Parking at our hospital is a major problem right now. A parking garage is under construction. Many employees are parked off site and are shuttled in - it's that bad. It is nothing for me to spend 10 minutes just looking for a place. Now those of you that know me realize this must have been an exception to my standard but I was running it close (to clocking in on time). The morning air was crisp, the birds were chirping cheerfully and I was ready to ram some BMW with my big truck and just make a place where there wasn't one. I didn't. But......what I did do brings my head down between my knees and color to my cheeks. The chaplains parking place was empty! I thought ..... she must not be coming in today...... I'll come back and move my truck after I go in and see how busy things are..... I'll be the chaplain today..... I'll minister to my patients and after all the chaplain will show a Christ-like attitude and not key my truck for parking in her spot. I took it. Made it into work and we were so busy! At my late lunch I ran out, moved the truck and found a place a mile away! Sitting down to inhale my lunch - who should come into the lunch room -- the Chaplain!! She sat down across from me. I immediately turned as red as Bob the tomato and probably sounded much like my 2 yr when she's been caught with her hand in the toilet. She calmly asked -- Do you have something to tell me?? With a grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye, I was no less embarrassed. She said I didn't believe it. When they said it was you -- I said there must be another one by that name. And then I thought - you must have been in some pinch. I told her my lame excuses. Promised her chocolate. Confirmed that the truck had been moved. And still felt so bad and even more after she told me she was going on vacation and I could have her parking spot during that time and she would inform security. I have known her for years and she is a very cool person, but this was a sentence of guilt. Enough of that -- you get the picture.

Coming back from parking my truck - legally this time - a blue Monte Carlo S.S. pulled in front of me. I took note immediately for it looked so much like the car of my dating years with my man - so many moons ago. Yes, it is the moonlit nights that I remember in that car....... I digress. I yell, "Hey"! The lady - somewhat shocked and amused at a nurse flagging her down in the parking lot - stops. There is a "For Sale" sign in the window. Short ending to a long, long ( the least of which not being the woman crying so hard at the bank upon signing over the car that my husband tried to talk her out of it) story -- we are once again the owners of a blue, 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo S.S. I feel 17 again! We've looked for one of these for several years. Was sin committed here? Was it meant to be? I'm sorry Mrs. Chaplain, but I'm really glad we found the car.