Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello, again...

Booo! You thought it was dead didn't you :o) I think it was and I just revived it. Was totally the nurse in me just couldn't let it suffer any longer. So does anyone visit blogs any more?? Just in the mood to write and may start it back up. This is a test. This is only a test.... Will I see anyone at the GREAT DARKE COUNTY FAIR tonight? I've got to go run so I can enjoy a bite of elephant ear - yum!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where does the time go....

Just sitting here thinking of all the changes, happenings, etc. since that last post. And really, it goes so fast... I transferred from a job I had had for about 13 yrs. It has been a good change but a hard one to make. What keeps us from stepping out, from going beyond our routine and comfort? I guess if we knew it was going to be good it wouldn't be so hard. So, overall is it uncertainty? But look at how much we would miss out on ... if we never stepped that step....
Brooklyn started preschool. Wow, that was a tough one, too. It is so hard to deny that dependency on mom. Would I want it that way forever? Of course, not, but still very hard to walk that hallway away from her knowing your baby is feeling that fearfulness of change. Ultimately, she likes it. She gains courage. She has new friends. She has another positive mentor in her life - her adoring teacher. And, she loves to come home and tell of her ventures. We have started building our new house. What an exciting and at times overwhelming feat. We have spent almost a year in our little house. The things you learn about yourself when you take away some of the "extras". The things I took for granted. That is so another story, but at times it has been painful to learn I am just spoiled rotten. Our family has gotten to know each other a little better washing and drying dishes together :o)
If last year was the year I learned a little more about people then this year has definitely been the year I've gotten to know myself a little better. Just when you think you've gotten things figured out..... never. I hope all is well and you can see the things in your life that make you smile instead of all the nonsense that is going on around us. Life is good - you just have to shift your focus at times.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Freezing weather was soon forgotten as this intense game got underway. Tied 1:1 first game of tournaments went to shoot-out. Nail biting to say the least. They went through almost 15 shots before we won. Yeah! Lauryn was one of three goals in the shoot-out. The other team made two. Way to go "Blue Thunder"!! On to next game.

Successful shot during shoot-out

Defending - what she does best

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lauryn's school had a very special event several weeks ago. It was called "Hike and Serve". The theme was showing the hands and feet of Christ to the community. It started early in the morning as the Jr. High and High School students made their way to various business and homes where they were to "serve". The elementary students went to a nature center and hiked and prayed for their fellow students that were serving - that God would help them to be "salt" in our world. It was such a neat scene as we all gathered in the gym afterward. Yes, it was a bunch of bright orange and I think they were a very bright spot in our town! I loved it. I was so proud of who they were and Who they represented.

The beans came off this week. Lauryn and Brandon came home from school this week to find Mark out on the combine. They were very eager to get out there with him. Thanks Mark they loved it. Lauryn would rather ride on a combine than go to King's Island - and that's no joke!

Looked out one morning and found this.... Still in jammies. Pink and purple from head to toe.
Brooklyn and Mia takin' a morning ride - on the deck :o) And she was singin' like a lark. Made me smile.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Of Dogs, Weekend Getaway, and a Birthday party - all in a weekend!

It was Pet Parade at school last Friday. We just happened to have six Beagle pups to participate in the parade. We opted for them over Crazy Daisy or Luck the horse and I'm not so sure the chickens would have done so well. So, the pups were the obvious choice being the perfect age - old enough but not active enough to vacate the wagon :o) Here they are drying in the sun after their baths and nail clipping.

Oh, and they had to sport school colors! We made them little jerseys.

The hit of the parade - the pups!

Another cutie - sporting his OSU colors!

After the parade we had some tired little pups. I think they slept where they landed in their carrier. It was a fun day.

Home away from home - Gatlinburg, Tn. Was some nice r&r!

Cade's Cove.

Friends celebrating Heather's Birthday. What a nice evening. Hope you had a great time, Heather!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Take me a ride in your big green tractor

This song is so my Wayne....
This is him doin' what he loves to do....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to my dear Brooklyn Elise. You've brightened my world. Love you to the moon and back. Your smile is contagious and your energy is endless!!


First one....

Third one.... second one was on the computer that crashed :0(

Fourth one.... How time flies!