Thursday, June 28, 2007

These are leftover from the last post. Just some of my favorites around the house.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A few of my favorites

Here are some of my favorites from the past couple of weeks. For some great camp pics go to Randy and Heather's -- under My Friends and Family. Pics from our camp out with the cousins are on Michael and Beth's. Is this cheating? No -- just some free publicity for my friends :o) My dryer is functioning and I'm seeing a slight decrease in the amount of dirty laundry piled amongst us. Oh, this week is just so busy. I'm helping out with a friends wedding this wknd. By the way the wild one is in this wedding -- please be in prayer. We will need it. I am hoping she surprises us all, but I just have this ... no, I will not go there. Positive thoughts.... positive thoughts. I've got to run, but I have so much to tell. It seems every other event lately has been a "blog moment". We will catch up. Hope you all have a wonderful day. You are in my thoughts. It was great to be with so many of you this past week. Take care.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hellooooo out there

Wow! Where do I begin..... I'm still alive. Although, that was in question earlier today. I was taking a big gulp from my water bottle as I was rounding the back of the truck to get in when I aspirated at least half of that big gulp. Out came the water -- spewing all over the street -- and in came no air for what seemed like forever. I survived -- without my dignity intact.
We have been at our church camp this past week. So enjoyable. I know Brooklyn thought this is what she had been sentenced for being such a wild child -- a week long of church. She had a great time, too. It is amazing as you leave the grounds of what was your oasis in a heathen world that you realize life really did go on while you were there. I seem to forget it all when I am there. I love you people that share my life style, beliefs and goals. You make me larger than me alone. Thank you all for being you and being there.
We have been so busy I can't get you caught up right now, but maybe soon. Just a bit from today -- along with Heather I had a ton of laundry. Putting my second load in the dryer I managed to drop a clothes pin down the vent. My little Maytag wild child couldn't be blamed for this one and she didn't have the length in her little arms to get me out of this one. Laundry came to a halt and my man had to disassemble the dryer when he arrived home from work. Fun -- tons of fun. By the way, for a way humbling moment go move your dryer over about six inches. You might find a small fortune. Maybe enough to take a trip to the Dairy Queen.
Gotta run. See ya soon. Pics to follow.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More pics

Everyone. (Jon you were always good at making stuff. Kids were no exception :o) We would always find the initials J.R. scribbled on the mass of hammered wood he'd been working on. I bet if we looked under the armpit of each of your kids we find J.R.!) Steve you just better brace yourself -- if Taylor is anything like her daddy -- Tattoo where?! We love her bunches. Have no idea what is up with the faces of Wayne and Brooklyn? Daughter like Daddy.

Taylor and Brooklyn. When they were riding around I had visions of them as 16 yr. olds -- uh, oh!

Lauryn and Brittany. They are good pals.

Us Four - Down memory "Avenue"

Last wknd we ate lunch with my cousin Steve, his wife, Melissa and of course Taylor Rae. Jon and Melissa were also there with their five children. We were born cousins but we grew up like brothers and sisters. It was always "us four" -- my sister, Julia, Steve, Jon and me. We were quite the bunch and never lacked for things to do. I was the oldest, then Steve, Julia, then only six months from her, Jon. We were pretty much inseparable. And, the great times we have had ... along with some hard times, too. Julia died of cancer at the age of 14 yrs. We all miss her and I know a piece of us (four) will always be missing. She was one to do things on her own ... We do wish she could have stayed a bit longer with us. She had so much more living to do -- or so we thought. (I didn't really mean to go there -- so I'll dry it up and move on) We had a great time seeing them. It is not often that we are all together. Life just has a way of setting all new priorities for you as you get older, get married, have jobs, kids, etc. So, yes it was great being with everyone and gettin' close for a picture to freeze another memorable time to be reflected upon later. So here's to "us four"-- I will never forget all the ball games -- little ones again' the big ones, the hours we spent playing church, "office" -- how I insisted upon being the VP... you all played along. Skating, putt putt, milkshakes making cookies, and how many pizza's do you think we made as kids -- Uncle Paul should still think about that "Paul's Pizza Parlor". Trips to the Library to sign up for Summer Reading Club (John and I lasted for an hour, Steve and Julia would read for days). Hunting, biking (for like half days on the Bike Trail), batting cages, beating kids up for each other, beating each other up -- not often. Shoveling snow for money. Mowing grass for money. Going to Dairy Queen to spend our money. You define my childhood. When I think of the good ole days when I was a kid -- I see four skinned up kids having the time of their lives in a white house with a not so big yard on a very busy street in the middle of a busy town. We were living it up and just felt sorry for all the kids that didn't have it as good as we did, because after all we had each other, a family that loved us and imaginations that wouldn't stop short of fun -- and what really matters past that when your a kid. Go love your family.

Thanks for letting my feelings just air out -- I'll be composed for next time.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Having a ton of fun in Lavy country

Here a Lavy...
There a Lavy.....
Everywhere a Lavy.

We enjoyed Ally's graduation bash at her house yesterday. Congrats to you Ally! We wish you well in all that you do.

And, yes, there were a bunch of Lavys together. So, what starts out as a innocent game of volleyball ends up as a good ole fashion water fight.