Friday, December 19, 2008

Aretha won for sounding most joyful to me! She can sing it. Go ahead you can turn it down the rest of us will loosen up and show some joy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joy in my world!

Wow! It has been a really long time since I've logged on to Bloggerville. Life is good - actually it is beyond good is it full of blessings beyond belief.

Before I get started - yes, Luck is back. Ashley (who was leasing him) went away to college and he came home. For the longest time after his arrival Brooklyn upon seeing him out in the field would say to me - Mommy, Lucky's home, Lucky's home! and then later on - Lucky's still home, mom. I love having him give life to my barn once again and yes, getting out in 20 degree weather to feed and water a horse shows just how much he's loved.

Last week - what a great week.... Lauryn turned 9 years old!! Let's just leave it at - NO WAY! Can't be. I just brought her home the other day. Couldn't do much more than cry and sigh every time I looked at her - I will never forget those first days of being a mom for the first time. I am so grateful for my Baby Lauryn and now big girl.

Lauryn and one of her best buddies - Hanna - having fun on stage.

Steve is back home!! Our family is beyond happy. The reunion of he and his family was priceless. We needed no other gift for Christmas! Thank you, God. My heart breaks for so many others that will be far apart from their soldier this Christmas. May God be near and comfort their hearts.

Welcome home ceremony for Bravo Battery on December 9. Piqua, Ohio

Later that night celebrating Lauryn's B-day @ Chuckie Cheese's

I now have a houseful of kids - priceless. From the ending of the last paragraph and the beginning of this one the bread has raised (I'm baking cinnamon bread) Four of the seven loaves are done! Two of which have been delivered and the other two almost consumed. It doesn't take long :o) and the kids are home. So, that's all for now. Merry CHRISTmas - as Lauryn would say. Enjoy the season.