Saturday, April 28, 2007

Too busy

I have officially been informed I am behind on my blogging. Thank you, Paul. I will attempt to keep up. I did let him know my editor accused me of rambling on my last post and consequently never made it to the screen. So, until I come up with something blog worthy I guess Lavy Country will just stagnate. Actually, it is way too nice of a day to spend it on blogging -- even though I do truely enjoy it.I did post some pics from last week. The pictures did not do the rainbow justice -- it was brilliant I will catch up with you all later. Go light your world -- and let us know about it on your blog.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Saturday is a day we treasure around here -- no school, woohoo!, Daddy's home, (more cheering), and if that's not enough -- the sun is shinning and it feels warm. It is not the crack of dawn but it is morning and I'm busy with inhouse work. (Emphasis on "in") I make special effort to bring the outdoors in -- the windows are open the curtains pulled back. I sneak a breath of fresh country air as I sneak out on the deck to shake a rug. The pull is so great I can hardly stand it. What couldn't wait until the sun is down to finish inside. The sun and warm has been long awaited ar0und here and I want to soak it up. I turn and go back indoors. I make beds, sweep floors, dust, catch a glimpse of Luck munching on grass -- the breeze blowing his mane and tail. I sigh and quicken the pace. Finally, the floors are clean, the toilet sparkling, the toys picked up. And, then it happens. Like horses out to pasture, like a dam breaking -- I am raptured to the outdoors to enjoy the heavenly oasis of my backyard. Warning; the fun seen in these pictures is bigger than appears! Hope you enjoyed your day, too. Sending you all some sunshine from our day.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


We enjoyed going to the IHC this week. I just love seeing Christians all around town. It is always great to see friends that we haven't seen for awhile and hear the good music and preaching. The patriotic service is so emotional for me -- I believe in being patriotic. I believe it is our duty. You don't have to look far until you realize how blessed we are in America. I am sure we could ask our missionary friends just how nice we have it.
I went to the early service today to hear Bro. Eisenhart -- my dear friend, Michele's dad. The Spirit of God was in the service from the beginning. It was a good one to go to. The message was moving -- the part I got to hear before my "wild" wet through her pants -- onto Michele's lap! I'm so sorry Michele! Leave it to my Brookie to manage a quick exit from a church service. (Last night she kicked three people in front of us and whacked one on the head -- sigh. Guess I won't have to worry about a boy wanting to sit with her for awhile.) I'll have to see the DVD to get the parts I missed. I heard it was good. Thank you Bro. E for your Godly example and delivering your heart. Our family loves you and Sis. E.
I thought about my friends that were not able to be at the IHC this year. I am more in tune to you -- probably through blogging -- I know how you would have loved to be here. And, I was more appreciative of being able to be there myself. I hope you all received a special blessing this week to take the place of it. I missed you all -- Paul and Candy and boys, Marc and Melodie and boys, Philip and Heather and kids, Sarah and kids.

Monday, April 16, 2007

What a sad day with the news of the Virginia Tech shootings. I cannot imagine.... I cannot comprehend how someone gets to that depth. My prayers are with the students and family members. It is only by the grace of God that any of us survive a day around here -- I guess that is a little on the gloom and doom side of which I usually take no part, but sometimes I wonder. Do you think it is the falling apart of the family and lack of Godly influence that produces such delinquents? It can't help -- I know. I am so glad I am surrounded by friends that have determined not to be another statistic! In times like this when it is easy to get discouraged and think the whole world is going to hell in the fast lane -- I can look at so many of you. My heart is encouraged to know that God makes the difference. He can sustain and keep us from the all too familiar failed marriage, bitter children, and heartache. I know it is not always easy -- it may just seem impossible some days, but it is worth it. Just hang in there! We can't see the big picture, but God knows and He does care. God can use us in ways that we could never imagine if we just trust him. We don't need to understand -- we just need to hold His hand. I am praying right now if maybe there is someone right now that is throwing up their hands just reach a little higher. You'll find your help. Don't give up. Let's stand together and make a difference. Let's keep our families together. Let's love our husbands even when they may not deserve it or we're not in the mood. Let's raise our kids for God. Let the world see the difference. I am praying for you -- Go light your world!
I was feeling down...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My "wild". Brooklyn in Gatlinburg trying to get to the go-carts.

My "calm". Lauryn helped out in Regi's (Daddy's cousin) wedding.

OSU fans -- of course.

Let's jump from one extreme to another. We're so ready for our Florida vacation. This is last year in Florida.

My World

Someone said a picture is a thousand words.... Here are a few thousand words from my world.
This past winter -- no, I don't think we're past winter -- playing in the snow. The girls look like balls of hats, scarves and mittens.

Good Friends

Wow -- I'm not out there by myself. I have some good friends. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a note. I may be getting hooked to this blogging thing. You're right Heather, blogging brings us closer and keeps us tuned in to each other's lives. I hope somehow to bring sunshine to whomever needs it and I know I have already been encouraged, too, hearing from you all.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

You know what bugs me...

I have something that is really bugging me and I'm wondering if I'm out there alone. Guess it really doesn't matter because I am quite passionate about it and I don't think I would change my mind even if I am out there all by my lonesome. What is bugging me? Women running their men around. Like they have been given the duty -- to run their man right out the door! I'll elaborate a little -- a woman who makes all the decisions in there home. And when their husband does try and make a decision they criticize and doubt them so much that the man looses all confidence in his ability to do anything. So, why do they do it? They feel they are better equipped to do so? But what about praying for God to give your man wisdom and resting in his decision. And stand back and behold the man that emerges -- from the back seat that you've given him ... oh, beg pardon -- they've given him. I guess this is the result of seeing some friends whose lives are suffering because of the husband not having the God given responsibility of head of household. The wife has slighted herself by feeling she should take the lead. Woman with that responsibility you also have to take the blame and stress. Try it God's way. Your children will thank you and you'll be blessed as well.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Easter Sunday in Ohio was snowy and cold but the hope of sunny weather around the corner warms our hearts.