Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to my dear Brooklyn Elise. You've brightened my world. Love you to the moon and back. Your smile is contagious and your energy is endless!!


First one....

Third one.... second one was on the computer that crashed :0(

Fourth one.... How time flies!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The last two weeks have been a reminder of the fragility of life, uncertainty of tomorrow, and the blessings beyond number that I take for granted. When my heart breaks and there are no words to say as has been the case - God is our refuge. This song has been going over and over in my mind. Hope it helps you wherever you are.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I really love the Chicken Dance but enough is enough. Almost four months! We live. We are well and alive. So, little time. I find myself sitting here at my mom's with a second or two waiting for my girls and wanted to say - "hey". Well, during the past several months we "danced" right out of our house into a little farmhouse on 22 acres - a little more out into the country. We had bought it with the intention of farming it and renting the house out, but little did we know.... We sold our house and moved ourselves right into that little house - all 1200 sq. ft. of it! It has been an adventure to say the least or if you ask Brookie she would tell you - trial and tribulation more like it. No three year old wants to be told she doesn't have room for all her toys and when it came down to it she just didn't like the house. Her being the littlest one you would think it would matter the least to her - but maybe she just has the strongest opinion.
I wish I had more time, but I only have a moment and wanted to share what has been happening. The other weird thing is besides just being busy I have had the strongest dislike for getting on the computer over the past several months. I feel it is dissipating and feel the urge to write and communicate once again - shoo, glad that is over.
I have pics I'll try and post soon. Meanwhile, everyone have a great 4th of July. Go wear your colors with pride.