Thursday, October 23, 2008

I wrote this post a few weeks ago and let me just give you a brief synopsis of what has happened since then. You may somewhat understand why I've been detained.

Wayne shot another doe.

I attended part of Youth Challenge with my friend and guest speaker - Stephanie. She did an awesome job speaking about purity to the girls. God spoke through her. An awesome job on a tough topic - we need more or it.

Was beat in a 5k by my husband, daughter and friend and all I really cared about was finding somewhere to puke after I crossed the finish line. Don't really know what was going on beside the fact that my little Myoplex shake didn't sit too well. We all finished within seconds of each other. It was fun. And, I was so proud of Lauryn who took 1st place in her age group! Wow! This is like the second largest race in our area. Very proud of her! Stephanie - thanks for all your attempts at keeping my mind off my aching belly! You did awesome. Your high altitude training showed.

I finished my cardiology class - just have to take the final and I'm officially a telemetry nurse - oh, yea! (I'm being so sarcastic) I will forever be a pediatric nurse. I like taking care of hearts less than 21 yrs old and that are in bodies less than 100 lbs. But a recent change has me working (on an infrequent basis - thank the Lord) with old people and yes, old is anyone older than 21 yrs. - when it comes to nursing.

Gatlinburg weekend getaway with some great friends and family. It was beautiful. I'll post some pictures someday, but until then check out Katie's. Oh, guess who I found in Gatlinburg.....


This girl doesn't give me very many good poses . I think these would be some of my favorites. (from Gatlinburg)

We were without water - again! (Remember Ike). We finally determined it was a broken pump. The water was still there for which we were truly thankful. We would rather replace the pump than have to drill another well! We were several days without water and two days after getting our water back our kitchen flooded. Unbelievable! Dishwasher put on a display - the likes of Old Faithful. I stood in my kitchen wondering what next?

I have a new niece - Sophia Lynnette - congratulations to Michael, Beth and big brother, Isaiah! Wayne was able to visit her

and the reason I have not been...

Brooklyn had an ear infection that resulted in blowing her eardrum. Poor baby she has taken to the habits of my "old people" - talking really loud and saying "what" a lot. She is feeling much better and now Lauryn is sick. That is all for now - gotta get some kiddos down for a nap. Here's the old post.... You all have a great week.

About 2 yrs ago which was actually 2 weeks we were invited to join Melissa and Taylor on a church outing to Brumbaugh's Farm. It was a ton of fun. Then Friday, we went on a kid's camp out sponsored by our church. What a great bunch of kid's workers we have! Our kids love you (and we do to). Thank you for all your sacrifices. Yes, we stayed in a tent. Our kids were warm and never complained the first time. Wayne and I froze and I am still thinking of the walnut that made for a restless night. It was strategically placed let me tell you.

Saturday we ended soccer and football season and attended a Harvest party. It was a great October weekend.

Lauryn way to goalie! - Blocking 9 of 10 goal attempts first quarter! We're proud of you.

Ryan, great season! - Championship title- all that practice payed off.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It was about 7 p.m. last night when the phone rang, someone knocked at the door and I was simultaneously doing laundry and fighting the urge to go to bed for the night. My hubby was spending the evening on a local farm in the woods bow hunting. I had warmly said - hope you enjoy yourself as he left -- he did recall that later. Soon after leaving my Lauryn predicted that - he'd get a deer tonight -- He did and that was one of the phone calls. He soon arrived with deer in the back of the truck and just as perky as I would expect one that had had a great Fallish evening sitting in a tree stand that was just a mere five minutes from home, taking a great shot on a nice size doe and then having the shortest drag ever getting her back to the truck. It is just the thing to do mid October. Well, one daughter was all about going with dad and when the little one learned that the big one was excited she was immediately interested and the dad agreed to take both to the check-in station. Mom was fantasizing about folding laundry then sneaking off to a quiet bath and sleep...sigh. Then with boyish excitement and manly accomplishment in every move - which I wouldn't stifle if my life depended on it. I love it when he's lovin' life - He looked at me and asked - "Do you want to ride along?" With my yes I dashed my quiet bath but completed his night with affirmation from his wife. Admittedly, I wasn't as enthusiastic as I wanted to be but it was fun and as we were in the barn struggling to get her hung up with the help of John Deere. I couldn't help but be somewhat amused at life. I think it's easier to go with the flow some days and enjoy the current and scenery rather than fight it and attempt to make it go the way you think it should go. Gotta run - I have an Olympian gymnast hopeful in my family room and Leonardo's marker was just confiscated. Have a great day!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here's what happens when you take last year's pumpkin seeds and throw them in a field of horse hooey. Lauryn did pretty good as a pumpkin grower. We didn't have to buy any pumpkins this year. And yes, we did make a pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin. It was OK, but I'm sure that there are better breeds suited for cooking, but we had to try. She ended up with over a dozen pumpkins. Way to go girl!
Here's our 3rd cutting - yeah. Pretty site. Didn't get such a good picture. Would have helped if I would have gotten off the deck. Have a great day. Hope you can get outdoors and enjoy.