Friday, December 19, 2008

Aretha won for sounding most joyful to me! She can sing it. Go ahead you can turn it down the rest of us will loosen up and show some joy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joy in my world!

Wow! It has been a really long time since I've logged on to Bloggerville. Life is good - actually it is beyond good is it full of blessings beyond belief.

Before I get started - yes, Luck is back. Ashley (who was leasing him) went away to college and he came home. For the longest time after his arrival Brooklyn upon seeing him out in the field would say to me - Mommy, Lucky's home, Lucky's home! and then later on - Lucky's still home, mom. I love having him give life to my barn once again and yes, getting out in 20 degree weather to feed and water a horse shows just how much he's loved.

Last week - what a great week.... Lauryn turned 9 years old!! Let's just leave it at - NO WAY! Can't be. I just brought her home the other day. Couldn't do much more than cry and sigh every time I looked at her - I will never forget those first days of being a mom for the first time. I am so grateful for my Baby Lauryn and now big girl.

Lauryn and one of her best buddies - Hanna - having fun on stage.

Steve is back home!! Our family is beyond happy. The reunion of he and his family was priceless. We needed no other gift for Christmas! Thank you, God. My heart breaks for so many others that will be far apart from their soldier this Christmas. May God be near and comfort their hearts.

Welcome home ceremony for Bravo Battery on December 9. Piqua, Ohio

Later that night celebrating Lauryn's B-day @ Chuckie Cheese's

I now have a houseful of kids - priceless. From the ending of the last paragraph and the beginning of this one the bread has raised (I'm baking cinnamon bread) Four of the seven loaves are done! Two of which have been delivered and the other two almost consumed. It doesn't take long :o) and the kids are home. So, that's all for now. Merry CHRISTmas - as Lauryn would say. Enjoy the season.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm not sure I'm ready for this...



and of course she couldn't resist that.....

she did come back in and put her shoes on.....what a bad mother....what a child....oh, to be free to act on those love and live fully....
Sigh... - while I put away laundry, I'll think about running out in the snow barefoot and care-free, uninhibited by my stuffy adult "suppose to"...
Look for the "moments". Don't pass them up.
Within each moment there is a "choice".

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Music compliments of ~ Wayne. And for the record, yes, I'll go with you.

I know this is a little early for me to be posting, but I came across something that I wanted to share and I just happen to be totally by myself. I should be studying for my cardiology exam, but I had to do some work online and you know how it is...

Here it is and fast.

I am officially a "Daylight Chaser". Don't get it?? Think about a verse in the Bible that goes like this -

As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent me. Night is coming when no one can work. while I am in the world I am the light of the world.

~ Jesus

John 9:4-5

I'm trying to make the most of my daylight. Here's what I came across in this book. Take a deep breath....this may hurt.

We have defined Holiness through what we separate ourselves from rather than what we give ourselves to. I am convinced the great tragedy is not the sins that we commit, but the life that we fail to live.

You cannot follow God in neutral. God has created you to do something. It is not enough to stop the wrong and then be paralyzed when it comes to the right.

I am saying "ouch".

We don't hesitate to point out when someone is offending us or not living up to "standard", beating them down or away. Let's see... last time I checked God's still in charge and the Judge. I want to do good. Show God's love and leave the rest to Him.

By the way I purposefully left the title and author's name out. I would like to finish it before recommending it. So far, it's good, really good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I wrote this post a few weeks ago and let me just give you a brief synopsis of what has happened since then. You may somewhat understand why I've been detained.

Wayne shot another doe.

I attended part of Youth Challenge with my friend and guest speaker - Stephanie. She did an awesome job speaking about purity to the girls. God spoke through her. An awesome job on a tough topic - we need more or it.

Was beat in a 5k by my husband, daughter and friend and all I really cared about was finding somewhere to puke after I crossed the finish line. Don't really know what was going on beside the fact that my little Myoplex shake didn't sit too well. We all finished within seconds of each other. It was fun. And, I was so proud of Lauryn who took 1st place in her age group! Wow! This is like the second largest race in our area. Very proud of her! Stephanie - thanks for all your attempts at keeping my mind off my aching belly! You did awesome. Your high altitude training showed.

I finished my cardiology class - just have to take the final and I'm officially a telemetry nurse - oh, yea! (I'm being so sarcastic) I will forever be a pediatric nurse. I like taking care of hearts less than 21 yrs old and that are in bodies less than 100 lbs. But a recent change has me working (on an infrequent basis - thank the Lord) with old people and yes, old is anyone older than 21 yrs. - when it comes to nursing.

Gatlinburg weekend getaway with some great friends and family. It was beautiful. I'll post some pictures someday, but until then check out Katie's. Oh, guess who I found in Gatlinburg.....


This girl doesn't give me very many good poses . I think these would be some of my favorites. (from Gatlinburg)

We were without water - again! (Remember Ike). We finally determined it was a broken pump. The water was still there for which we were truly thankful. We would rather replace the pump than have to drill another well! We were several days without water and two days after getting our water back our kitchen flooded. Unbelievable! Dishwasher put on a display - the likes of Old Faithful. I stood in my kitchen wondering what next?

I have a new niece - Sophia Lynnette - congratulations to Michael, Beth and big brother, Isaiah! Wayne was able to visit her

and the reason I have not been...

Brooklyn had an ear infection that resulted in blowing her eardrum. Poor baby she has taken to the habits of my "old people" - talking really loud and saying "what" a lot. She is feeling much better and now Lauryn is sick. That is all for now - gotta get some kiddos down for a nap. Here's the old post.... You all have a great week.

About 2 yrs ago which was actually 2 weeks we were invited to join Melissa and Taylor on a church outing to Brumbaugh's Farm. It was a ton of fun. Then Friday, we went on a kid's camp out sponsored by our church. What a great bunch of kid's workers we have! Our kids love you (and we do to). Thank you for all your sacrifices. Yes, we stayed in a tent. Our kids were warm and never complained the first time. Wayne and I froze and I am still thinking of the walnut that made for a restless night. It was strategically placed let me tell you.

Saturday we ended soccer and football season and attended a Harvest party. It was a great October weekend.

Lauryn way to goalie! - Blocking 9 of 10 goal attempts first quarter! We're proud of you.

Ryan, great season! - Championship title- all that practice payed off.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It was about 7 p.m. last night when the phone rang, someone knocked at the door and I was simultaneously doing laundry and fighting the urge to go to bed for the night. My hubby was spending the evening on a local farm in the woods bow hunting. I had warmly said - hope you enjoy yourself as he left -- he did recall that later. Soon after leaving my Lauryn predicted that - he'd get a deer tonight -- He did and that was one of the phone calls. He soon arrived with deer in the back of the truck and just as perky as I would expect one that had had a great Fallish evening sitting in a tree stand that was just a mere five minutes from home, taking a great shot on a nice size doe and then having the shortest drag ever getting her back to the truck. It is just the thing to do mid October. Well, one daughter was all about going with dad and when the little one learned that the big one was excited she was immediately interested and the dad agreed to take both to the check-in station. Mom was fantasizing about folding laundry then sneaking off to a quiet bath and sleep...sigh. Then with boyish excitement and manly accomplishment in every move - which I wouldn't stifle if my life depended on it. I love it when he's lovin' life - He looked at me and asked - "Do you want to ride along?" With my yes I dashed my quiet bath but completed his night with affirmation from his wife. Admittedly, I wasn't as enthusiastic as I wanted to be but it was fun and as we were in the barn struggling to get her hung up with the help of John Deere. I couldn't help but be somewhat amused at life. I think it's easier to go with the flow some days and enjoy the current and scenery rather than fight it and attempt to make it go the way you think it should go. Gotta run - I have an Olympian gymnast hopeful in my family room and Leonardo's marker was just confiscated. Have a great day!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here's what happens when you take last year's pumpkin seeds and throw them in a field of horse hooey. Lauryn did pretty good as a pumpkin grower. We didn't have to buy any pumpkins this year. And yes, we did make a pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin. It was OK, but I'm sure that there are better breeds suited for cooking, but we had to try. She ended up with over a dozen pumpkins. Way to go girl!
Here's our 3rd cutting - yeah. Pretty site. Didn't get such a good picture. Would have helped if I would have gotten off the deck. Have a great day. Hope you can get outdoors and enjoy.

Monday, September 29, 2008

He's back!

First of all, I was a little melodramatic in my last post. I was intent upon pulling the heart strings of one Wayne Lavy - in absentia during the Great Wind - Ike. It worked - he came home! But we did have perspective and knew that there were others that had it so much harder then we did and my heart went out to those. So just wanted to clear that up - no pity party here. We have recovered after 5 1/2 days without electricity. We are powerized, hydrated and I'm back in the arms of my hubby - so we're very fine. I would like to say many thanks to my mom who housed, fed and watered us for several days. Then, Candy who did the same. Melissa who stayed out at my house very late one night helping me clean out freezers, refrigerator and more - not a fun job without running water. Steve, Buffy and kids who picked up a trampoline that had scattered to the ends of the earth! Uncle Paul who helped me haul water to the herd. Candy and the boys for help with clean-up and everything else. I am blessed to have a wonderful family that is nearby.

Happy Fall y'all! I love it! The combines and tractors are coming out of the barns. Orange, brown and red are the colors of choice. And the ovens are turning out apple this and pumpkin that. I feel the need to have a huge fall party with hay rides and bluegrass music.

My Monday started out with a two o-clock potty break - for Brookie. Followed by a family of coyotes getting a little close to the barn and there setting up choir practice much to the aggravation of Daisy - our lab. I drug myself from my cozy den and hung myself a little far out the window (like those several inches are going to make a difference) and yelled at all of nature - "NO.....NO." Actually, it was directed at Daisy and she did shut up. As ornery as she can be she does listen in the middle of the night to that emphatic "no". So, then on to 6:30 a.m. - putting together a plant project. Yes, I was clipping a stem from a barberry bush in my jammies in the dark for my 3rd grader so she could finish. There were extenuating circumstances this week that I felt responsible for otherwise I would have slept in and hopefully taught a lesson that I wished would have broke me at 3rd grade from procrastination. I do think there is hope for her being she has so much of her dad's personality. All said and clipped and glued and labelled - it was done before leaving for school.

Do you ever think of the split second that changes your life forever? Well mine wasn't so life changing but one moment I have two angelic beings sitting before me consuming warm apple cinnamon oatmeal when the smaller of the two looses balance and goes from knees to hiney in a blink. With that blink out came an arm that made contact with the warm apple cinnamon oatmeal giving us warm apple cinnamon oatmeal showers in the kitchen. I looked at the embellished oak chair legs and carpet and contemplated a picture to savor the moment. Quickly dismissed that as stupid and started scooping up the fresh ground covering. These two will turn your day upside down but quickly upright it when they look at you with innocent eyes that are begging forgiveness. I'm just a kid. I'll grow and learn. And, I'll remember these days and how you reacted. Did I have time to laugh and play? Who's really going to remember the stained carpet anyways?

Next was concerted help doing the laundry. Brookie was to gather towels and throw them in the washer. I sigh as I realized the armful she deposited in the wash were clean towels. Well, it's not even noon.... What a beautiful day..... I think we're going outside. Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 3 - It is dark. There is no water. My children and I roam - searching for a place to lay our head, a warm shower, a flushing toilet, water to take home to our herd. We find our needs met by the friendly, homey abodes of Grammy, Candy and our neighbors who offer water to the thirsty. We must go on. We know there is a brighter day. We draw strength from each other.

And..... here's my precious husband. VACATIONING in the BEAUTIFUL ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Love you, Babe. We're actually doing well. A little tired of living out of a suitcase, but we're fine. The girls are loving all the company and different beds.

Here's my man with the cow elk. For more descriptive writing about the trip and pics of my brother-in-law who sliced his head open in a four-wheeler accident - see Mike and Kim under my blog links.

Monday, September 15, 2008

These are for my man who's in the quiet of the mountains. Free from care, worry, and WIND! Awaking to homemade cinnamon rolls, strolling up the majestic Rockies, and bagging an elk with his trusty bow and arrow (with the help of his Hoochie Mama - of course). Yes, he harvested a cow elk on Saturday. Congrats, Wayne. Now get your sweet little self home and rescue your girls! Actually, we are faring well. We're tough and resilient. We're swaying in the wind - without water and electricity. We miss you and do look forward to your return. Love you. Be safe. See you soon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey, y'all! Are you loving this beautiful Fallish weather? It's gorgeous. It could only be better seen, felt and inhaled from the western slope of the Colorado Rockies....

sigh..... wink..... uuuuhmmmm - Wayne..... are you enjoying yourself?? Yes, that's right he and his Hoochie Mama made the long journey this past wknd to track down, lure, or maybe just stumble upon the elusive Rocky Mt. elk.

I miss you already - but have fun and be safe. Kim keep us updated - bring us right there to your front door via your blog. Oh, the wonder of the blog, and picture phones, too - quite unbelievable if you think about it.
OK - I don't have much time and I'm already wordy. I wanted to share something and let you know I'm still ducking and running through my weeks. Just to give you an idea - with the start of school also came new job orientation, two weeks of company - which I might add was a total blessing, soccer season and that's pretty much enough to cause the most settled, sane person to become slightly unravelled . But in the mist of it all there have been quiet moments to cherish, smiles and laughter to extinguish the mounting stress, and a family that in the middle of the storm has learned to dance in the rain! That is my new favorite saying for the week - Instead of waiting for the storm to pass - learn to dance in the rain.
This is what I wanted to share -
Lauryn's school recognized her as

Student in the Son-Light, for being S.A.L.T. in her world.

(Speaking, Acting, Looking and Thinking like Jesus)

This award is to encourage our students to live out a biblical worldview today. Our school vision is that our students will be salt in their world now, from Matt. 5:13. S.A.L.T. is identified as to Speak, Act, Look, and Think like Jesus. The students are nominated by their teachers for any of the following areas:

-R2G2 (respect, responsibility, gratitude, genuineness)

-Fruits of the spirit (Gal. 5:22)


-Demonstrating positive character qualities

-Developing their God-given talents with excellence

Here's what her teacher had to say -

I would like to nominate Lauryn Lavy because of the awesome way she has adjusted to a new school situation as well as the character qualities she demonstrates! This is Lauryn's first year at our school and she shows excellence in her approach to her schoolwork! She is responsible, prompt with assignments, and participates well in class! I can always count on Lauryn to know where we are and what we are doing...and ready to go for it! Lauryn invited her cousin, Jessica, to visit us and share about her life as a missionary. Her obedient, gentle ways are such a great example for us. I Peter 3:9 says, "Be tenderhearted, be courteous...that you may inherit a blessing." I am certain you have had, and will have many blessings for such ways! We Love you!
Mrs. G.

Congratulations Lauryn! May you always be S.A.L.T. in your world. Love you so much!

I have so much to share, but the grass is growing and I have a day off. So, grass I must mow. I'll catch up later. For now I leave you with the challenge to dance in the rain as well as in the beautiful weather - like in the mountains, like Julie Andrews - Wayne - you lucky dog! The girls are keeping your side of the bed warm and Brooklyn kicks a little harder than you!
Hurry home - elk in tow! love you

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is just a quick - We made it! - through the first week of school post. What a week! Lauryn continues to make me so proud. Brooklyn is going through an adjusting phase. She broke down at the babysitters the other day - I MISS MY SISSY! I miss her, too, but it has been exciting hearing about school and fellow students. I was at a parent meeting this week and was sitting in Lauryn's desk next to the parents of the kids she sits next to - trying to feel like a 3rd grader again... what it must be like facing life at the age of 8. Brings me to my next point - what's been on my mind this week. This week was the one you face with your head down, brace yourself and go for it. Or maybe duck and run and just hope you get yourself into next week unscathed. Yes, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Wayne assured me it was going to be ok - husband's perspective. Mine was a little more along the lines of - AAAAAAAHHHHHHGGGG! How?! When!!?? Where?! Just as the last glimmer was shortening - came the message - "I'll furnish the grace if you'll furnish the man". I don't have to have all the answers - just be available to be used by God. I gave it to God - he didn't fail. I was canceled from work one day, other days things just seem to fall into place. I'm glad I'm in His hands. What a safe, quiet place to live. God's grace is good for all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to the Third Grade, Lauryn!

Friday we went to Lauryn's new school to take a backpack full of supplies, see her room, find her locker and say "hi" to Mrs. G. It was very exciting as she carefully placed her text books and school supplies in her desk and looked around at her new classroom. Lauryn loves organization and structure and seeing this orderly classroom, looking over her schedule of gym, art, music, library and computer has made her very excited about starting the 3rd grade at her new school. I can't help but be excited for her.

So, today was the day.... It was the first day of school - that she has started without me being the teacher, the aid, the lunchroom monitor, the gym teacher and principle. I had so many mixed emotions, but in the end I swallowed the lump and gave her a reassuring grin and felt my heart midst the ache swell with pride as she braced her shoulders and walked bravely in the classroom. She was immediately met with a warm hug from Mrs. G who introduced her to a fellow 3rd grader who will be sitting next her. Thank you God for huge blessings that may seem small to some. So, with that I left. We have chosen with God's guidance to have Lauryn's educational, spiritual, and social experiences aided by this school. I pray that everyday helps you toward a life that is Christ-like, educated and fulfilled. I love you and miss you already - let's see I can pick you up in 2 hours! Have a wonderful year, Lauryn!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Brooklyn

A long time ago in a far away land lived a little girl with her parents. She had cats and dogs and even a horse but nothing could compare to a sister of course. She asked her parents and mom said pray. And pray she did most every day.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...just a few miles away, some family had a terrible day. A fire started in the hay. And when the night was over the barn was no more and a poor little pony had a terrible snore. The winter was coming and the nights were cold and mean. The poor, little pony became quite lean. So neighbors we were and a rescue for sure for the poor little pony who needed a cure.

Meanwhile away from the ranch...was the farmer in charge (Wayne) he had taken a job away at large (??) Very far from home The wife and daughter missed him so much. On weekends they stayed in touch. UNTIL - the day the news came ...the wife had someone to blame! She jumped in her truck and drove all the way to that husband of hers who had romped in the hay. She drove to that far away job site the news she must tell to Mr. Right. Her face was glowing and his work was slowing as she shared the news he said - That is great! To dinner they went to celebrate. Then back to the ranch the wife did go. Her heart (and belly) a glow!

In summary...because quite frankly I've lost my motivation to rhyme (feeble attempt that is was)

The weekend came and brought the husband down the lane. oh, no. I can't help myself . The news to relay to the sister who prayed. The flush of pink to her cheeks the twinkle in her eyes her prayer had been answered she did realize.

37 weeks and 60 lbs later that mama gave birth to Brooklyn Elise ~ She's our answer to a big sister's prayer and we're very thankful for her. Happy Birthday ~ Brooklyn ~ my big 3 yr old(July 29) I can't believe it has gone by so fast.

ooooh, ok about the poor, little pony -- to appreciate the significance of this you must read the Story of Luck, but anyways.... We took the pony in to help him mend and shortly after that I found out that I was expecting Brookie. The name of the poor, little pony - Chance. :o)

I know God and God alone provided the miracles in my life, but it is interesting the path that takes us there.

Yes, this is a puppy collar. She said she was the puppy. Where's the leash? is what I want to know...

With grammy after the party, playing with some presents.

Just one little taste....