Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is just a quick - We made it! - through the first week of school post. What a week! Lauryn continues to make me so proud. Brooklyn is going through an adjusting phase. She broke down at the babysitters the other day - I MISS MY SISSY! I miss her, too, but it has been exciting hearing about school and fellow students. I was at a parent meeting this week and was sitting in Lauryn's desk next to the parents of the kids she sits next to - trying to feel like a 3rd grader again... what it must be like facing life at the age of 8. Brings me to my next point - what's been on my mind this week. This week was the one you face with your head down, brace yourself and go for it. Or maybe duck and run and just hope you get yourself into next week unscathed. Yes, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Wayne assured me it was going to be ok - husband's perspective. Mine was a little more along the lines of - AAAAAAAHHHHHHGGGG! How?! When!!?? Where?! Just as the last glimmer was shortening - came the message - "I'll furnish the grace if you'll furnish the man". I don't have to have all the answers - just be available to be used by God. I gave it to God - he didn't fail. I was canceled from work one day, other days things just seem to fall into place. I'm glad I'm in His hands. What a safe, quiet place to live. God's grace is good for all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to the Third Grade, Lauryn!

Friday we went to Lauryn's new school to take a backpack full of supplies, see her room, find her locker and say "hi" to Mrs. G. It was very exciting as she carefully placed her text books and school supplies in her desk and looked around at her new classroom. Lauryn loves organization and structure and seeing this orderly classroom, looking over her schedule of gym, art, music, library and computer has made her very excited about starting the 3rd grade at her new school. I can't help but be excited for her.

So, today was the day.... It was the first day of school - that she has started without me being the teacher, the aid, the lunchroom monitor, the gym teacher and principle. I had so many mixed emotions, but in the end I swallowed the lump and gave her a reassuring grin and felt my heart midst the ache swell with pride as she braced her shoulders and walked bravely in the classroom. She was immediately met with a warm hug from Mrs. G who introduced her to a fellow 3rd grader who will be sitting next her. Thank you God for huge blessings that may seem small to some. So, with that I left. We have chosen with God's guidance to have Lauryn's educational, spiritual, and social experiences aided by this school. I pray that everyday helps you toward a life that is Christ-like, educated and fulfilled. I love you and miss you already - let's see I can pick you up in 2 hours! Have a wonderful year, Lauryn!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Brooklyn

A long time ago in a far away land lived a little girl with her parents. She had cats and dogs and even a horse but nothing could compare to a sister of course. She asked her parents and mom said pray. And pray she did most every day.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...just a few miles away, some family had a terrible day. A fire started in the hay. And when the night was over the barn was no more and a poor little pony had a terrible snore. The winter was coming and the nights were cold and mean. The poor, little pony became quite lean. So neighbors we were and a rescue for sure for the poor little pony who needed a cure.

Meanwhile away from the ranch...was the farmer in charge (Wayne) he had taken a job away at large (??) Very far from home The wife and daughter missed him so much. On weekends they stayed in touch. UNTIL - the day the news came ...the wife had someone to blame! She jumped in her truck and drove all the way to that husband of hers who had romped in the hay. She drove to that far away job site the news she must tell to Mr. Right. Her face was glowing and his work was slowing as she shared the news he said - That is great! To dinner they went to celebrate. Then back to the ranch the wife did go. Her heart (and belly) a glow!

In summary...because quite frankly I've lost my motivation to rhyme (feeble attempt that is was)

The weekend came and brought the husband down the lane. oh, no. I can't help myself . The news to relay to the sister who prayed. The flush of pink to her cheeks the twinkle in her eyes her prayer had been answered she did realize.

37 weeks and 60 lbs later that mama gave birth to Brooklyn Elise ~ She's our answer to a big sister's prayer and we're very thankful for her. Happy Birthday ~ Brooklyn ~ my big 3 yr old(July 29) I can't believe it has gone by so fast.

ooooh, ok about the poor, little pony -- to appreciate the significance of this you must read the Story of Luck, but anyways.... We took the pony in to help him mend and shortly after that I found out that I was expecting Brookie. The name of the poor, little pony - Chance. :o)

I know God and God alone provided the miracles in my life, but it is interesting the path that takes us there.

Yes, this is a puppy collar. She said she was the puppy. Where's the leash? is what I want to know...

With grammy after the party, playing with some presents.

Just one little taste....