Monday, September 29, 2008

He's back!

First of all, I was a little melodramatic in my last post. I was intent upon pulling the heart strings of one Wayne Lavy - in absentia during the Great Wind - Ike. It worked - he came home! But we did have perspective and knew that there were others that had it so much harder then we did and my heart went out to those. So just wanted to clear that up - no pity party here. We have recovered after 5 1/2 days without electricity. We are powerized, hydrated and I'm back in the arms of my hubby - so we're very fine. I would like to say many thanks to my mom who housed, fed and watered us for several days. Then, Candy who did the same. Melissa who stayed out at my house very late one night helping me clean out freezers, refrigerator and more - not a fun job without running water. Steve, Buffy and kids who picked up a trampoline that had scattered to the ends of the earth! Uncle Paul who helped me haul water to the herd. Candy and the boys for help with clean-up and everything else. I am blessed to have a wonderful family that is nearby.

Happy Fall y'all! I love it! The combines and tractors are coming out of the barns. Orange, brown and red are the colors of choice. And the ovens are turning out apple this and pumpkin that. I feel the need to have a huge fall party with hay rides and bluegrass music.

My Monday started out with a two o-clock potty break - for Brookie. Followed by a family of coyotes getting a little close to the barn and there setting up choir practice much to the aggravation of Daisy - our lab. I drug myself from my cozy den and hung myself a little far out the window (like those several inches are going to make a difference) and yelled at all of nature - "NO.....NO." Actually, it was directed at Daisy and she did shut up. As ornery as she can be she does listen in the middle of the night to that emphatic "no". So, then on to 6:30 a.m. - putting together a plant project. Yes, I was clipping a stem from a barberry bush in my jammies in the dark for my 3rd grader so she could finish. There were extenuating circumstances this week that I felt responsible for otherwise I would have slept in and hopefully taught a lesson that I wished would have broke me at 3rd grade from procrastination. I do think there is hope for her being she has so much of her dad's personality. All said and clipped and glued and labelled - it was done before leaving for school.

Do you ever think of the split second that changes your life forever? Well mine wasn't so life changing but one moment I have two angelic beings sitting before me consuming warm apple cinnamon oatmeal when the smaller of the two looses balance and goes from knees to hiney in a blink. With that blink out came an arm that made contact with the warm apple cinnamon oatmeal giving us warm apple cinnamon oatmeal showers in the kitchen. I looked at the embellished oak chair legs and carpet and contemplated a picture to savor the moment. Quickly dismissed that as stupid and started scooping up the fresh ground covering. These two will turn your day upside down but quickly upright it when they look at you with innocent eyes that are begging forgiveness. I'm just a kid. I'll grow and learn. And, I'll remember these days and how you reacted. Did I have time to laugh and play? Who's really going to remember the stained carpet anyways?

Next was concerted help doing the laundry. Brookie was to gather towels and throw them in the washer. I sigh as I realized the armful she deposited in the wash were clean towels. Well, it's not even noon.... What a beautiful day..... I think we're going outside. Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 3 - It is dark. There is no water. My children and I roam - searching for a place to lay our head, a warm shower, a flushing toilet, water to take home to our herd. We find our needs met by the friendly, homey abodes of Grammy, Candy and our neighbors who offer water to the thirsty. We must go on. We know there is a brighter day. We draw strength from each other.

And..... here's my precious husband. VACATIONING in the BEAUTIFUL ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Love you, Babe. We're actually doing well. A little tired of living out of a suitcase, but we're fine. The girls are loving all the company and different beds.

Here's my man with the cow elk. For more descriptive writing about the trip and pics of my brother-in-law who sliced his head open in a four-wheeler accident - see Mike and Kim under my blog links.

Monday, September 15, 2008

These are for my man who's in the quiet of the mountains. Free from care, worry, and WIND! Awaking to homemade cinnamon rolls, strolling up the majestic Rockies, and bagging an elk with his trusty bow and arrow (with the help of his Hoochie Mama - of course). Yes, he harvested a cow elk on Saturday. Congrats, Wayne. Now get your sweet little self home and rescue your girls! Actually, we are faring well. We're tough and resilient. We're swaying in the wind - without water and electricity. We miss you and do look forward to your return. Love you. Be safe. See you soon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey, y'all! Are you loving this beautiful Fallish weather? It's gorgeous. It could only be better seen, felt and inhaled from the western slope of the Colorado Rockies....

sigh..... wink..... uuuuhmmmm - Wayne..... are you enjoying yourself?? Yes, that's right he and his Hoochie Mama made the long journey this past wknd to track down, lure, or maybe just stumble upon the elusive Rocky Mt. elk.

I miss you already - but have fun and be safe. Kim keep us updated - bring us right there to your front door via your blog. Oh, the wonder of the blog, and picture phones, too - quite unbelievable if you think about it.
OK - I don't have much time and I'm already wordy. I wanted to share something and let you know I'm still ducking and running through my weeks. Just to give you an idea - with the start of school also came new job orientation, two weeks of company - which I might add was a total blessing, soccer season and that's pretty much enough to cause the most settled, sane person to become slightly unravelled . But in the mist of it all there have been quiet moments to cherish, smiles and laughter to extinguish the mounting stress, and a family that in the middle of the storm has learned to dance in the rain! That is my new favorite saying for the week - Instead of waiting for the storm to pass - learn to dance in the rain.
This is what I wanted to share -
Lauryn's school recognized her as

Student in the Son-Light, for being S.A.L.T. in her world.

(Speaking, Acting, Looking and Thinking like Jesus)

This award is to encourage our students to live out a biblical worldview today. Our school vision is that our students will be salt in their world now, from Matt. 5:13. S.A.L.T. is identified as to Speak, Act, Look, and Think like Jesus. The students are nominated by their teachers for any of the following areas:

-R2G2 (respect, responsibility, gratitude, genuineness)

-Fruits of the spirit (Gal. 5:22)


-Demonstrating positive character qualities

-Developing their God-given talents with excellence

Here's what her teacher had to say -

I would like to nominate Lauryn Lavy because of the awesome way she has adjusted to a new school situation as well as the character qualities she demonstrates! This is Lauryn's first year at our school and she shows excellence in her approach to her schoolwork! She is responsible, prompt with assignments, and participates well in class! I can always count on Lauryn to know where we are and what we are doing...and ready to go for it! Lauryn invited her cousin, Jessica, to visit us and share about her life as a missionary. Her obedient, gentle ways are such a great example for us. I Peter 3:9 says, "Be tenderhearted, be courteous...that you may inherit a blessing." I am certain you have had, and will have many blessings for such ways! We Love you!
Mrs. G.

Congratulations Lauryn! May you always be S.A.L.T. in your world. Love you so much!

I have so much to share, but the grass is growing and I have a day off. So, grass I must mow. I'll catch up later. For now I leave you with the challenge to dance in the rain as well as in the beautiful weather - like in the mountains, like Julie Andrews - Wayne - you lucky dog! The girls are keeping your side of the bed warm and Brooklyn kicks a little harder than you!
Hurry home - elk in tow! love you