Sunday, March 8, 2009


Lauryn had an art project chosen to be on display at a Young Masters exhibit. It was quite an honor she was told as only a few were chosen from her class and would be included with the public and parochial schools. Her piece that was chosen was a watercolor - Zig Zags. Way to go Laurynardo!

Outside the historical home where the exhibit was held. Beautiful.

Several weekends ago we took a quick trip to Amish Country in Holmes county, Ohio. Sunday afternoon saw these Amish youngsters taking a chilly stroll up the lane. I, again, was in motion from the truck.

A deer farm. Odd looking deer.

One of the fun things to do in Amish country -- eat! Great food and friends at Amish Door.

This week Lauryn went into business. She has begged her dad since last year for some chickens. This week we made the plunge and purchased 10 chickens for her. They are hers and she keeps track of the profit - eggs and sales, along with the care. You can place orders now with Lauryn's Layers :o). Here she is with her first dozen. For details contact Lauryn. We probably have Mike and Kim to thank for this - Lauryn gathered eggs at their house when we stayed with them. Actually, I have found them intriguing and I love having the eggs.