Thursday, September 10, 2009

Of Dogs, Weekend Getaway, and a Birthday party - all in a weekend!

It was Pet Parade at school last Friday. We just happened to have six Beagle pups to participate in the parade. We opted for them over Crazy Daisy or Luck the horse and I'm not so sure the chickens would have done so well. So, the pups were the obvious choice being the perfect age - old enough but not active enough to vacate the wagon :o) Here they are drying in the sun after their baths and nail clipping.

Oh, and they had to sport school colors! We made them little jerseys.

The hit of the parade - the pups!

Another cutie - sporting his OSU colors!

After the parade we had some tired little pups. I think they slept where they landed in their carrier. It was a fun day.

Home away from home - Gatlinburg, Tn. Was some nice r&r!

Cade's Cove.

Friends celebrating Heather's Birthday. What a nice evening. Hope you had a great time, Heather!


Tamra said...

What cute little puppies! Glad you had a nice getaway. What a fun time celebrating Heather's birthday. We'll have to do it again sometime.
P.S. Great photo of you guys at the top of your page!

Michele said...

Loved the update! The puppy jerseys are adorable! Gatlinburg sounds wonderful right about now and so glad you got to come to the party with us! It was a great evening! Hope we can do it again real soon!

Ronda said...

What ADORABLE puppies! :)
Your get~a~way looked AWESOME...
Fun and pretty pic of all of you "girls" at Heathers nice! :)